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Bike and Baby Stroller in One

Have you ever come across a product that makes you want to have another baby? I feel funny saying that, but how fun is this child carrier bike and baby stroller in one? It’s not only a bike (with a carrier in front), it also converts into a stroller in about 20 seconds. More…

A Modular Stretcher That Assembles Under Bodies, To Prevent More Injury

Exclusive Design Articles, Delivered to Your Inbox Daily. Instead of being one solid slab, the stretcher is comprised of six parts that can slide and snap together underneath the injured body. More… Related articles A Redesign Of The Stretcher, To Protect The Injured Artwork Canvases Required Stretcher Bars

Best iPhone Case?

Whether you think a case on your phone is good protection or useless bulk, you have to admit there’s a huge market for them. Some are sleek and trim, others are bulky but have features like batteries or space for credit cards. This week, we want to know which you think are the best for…

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