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ET deals: HP ENVY 700xt quad-core desktop for $605

Is your desktop PC getting a little long in the tooth? Instead of building a replacement completely from scratch, why not start with a pre-built model with plenty of room for expansion? Not only will it save you loads of time and effort, but it’s actually surprisingly affordable these days. read more –>

HTG Explains: Should You Build Your Own PC?

There was a time when every geek seemed to build their own PC. While the masses bought eMachines and Compaqs, geeks built their own more powerful and reliable desktop machines for cheaper. But does this still make sense?More…

How to square a combination square

combination square   Butt the square up against your straight edge and strike a line. Flip the square over and strike another line starting in the same place as the first. If your two lines diverge then your square is not square. More…

“The C++ Programming Language (4th Edition)”

Texas A&M University | Look College of Engineering | Dept. More… Related articles Stroustrup: The C++ Programming Language (4th Edition) Exchange Club honors MISD’s top students

Bike and Baby Stroller in One

Have you ever come across a product that makes you want to have another baby? I feel funny saying that, but how fun is this child carrier bike and baby stroller in one? It’s not only a bike (with a carrier in front), it also converts into a stroller in about 20 seconds. More…

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