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How To: Make Your Own DIY Tree Swing

I’ve always wanted a tree swing, but have never lived in a place that had a tree strong enough to support one. More…

DIY Hacks & How To’s: Get Emergency Power from a Phone Line

What do you do if the power is out, but you need to charge your cell phone to make an emergency phone call? In this episode of DIY Hacks & How To’s, I show you how to tap the power flowing from your phone line. There is a small amount of electricity that is constantly…

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How to improve security in Firefox, Chrome, and IE

Like their counterparts in the real world, computer criminals are always looking for vulnerabilities they can exploit. More… Related articles CSS Firefox Vs Chrome The browser is the biggest gap in my Android experience right now Firefox first browser to pass MathML Acid Test. How about your browser?

ASUS WL-330NUL — Tiny Wireless Router

This is the world’s smallest router. Not for intricate toothpick carvings, it’s a wireless router actually. It’s pocket-sized for easy portability and keeps you connected to the signal whether you use Windows 8, iOS, or Mac OS. More…

Can A New Symbol Make You Better At Math?

“Mental math” is a pain. Totting up simple sums like 1,900 + 700 is easy enough to do in your head (just drop the zeros), but what about 248 x 84? To do that, you’d have to mentally simulate the tedious algorithm you were taught how to do on paper in elementary school.More…

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