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“The C++ Programming Language (4th Edition)”

Texas A&M University | Look College of Engineering | Dept. More… Related articles Stroustrup: The C++ Programming Language (4th Edition) Exchange Club honors MISD’s top students

Bike and Baby Stroller in One

Have you ever come across a product that makes you want to have another baby? I feel funny saying that, but how fun is this child carrier bike and baby stroller in one? It’s not only a bike (with a carrier in front), it also converts into a stroller in about 20 seconds. More…

botObjects ProDesk3D

The ProDesk3D is the world’s first full-color 3D desktop printer. With its 25-micron dual extruder head, it does what other 3D printers do but its 5-color cartridge system offers the option to tint your creations in the color of your choice. More… Related articles ProDesk3D The Worlds First Full Colour 3D Printer Unveiled botObjects Launches…

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Pasta with Spinach

Here’s a yummy way to get a little more iron into your diet: This dish – adapted from The Minimalist Cooks Dinner, by Mark Bittman (Broadway Books, 2001) – uses a good amount of spinach, which is great for boosting the vitamins and minerals you need during pregnancy, including iron and folate. Spinach also contains more…

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DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Film Rights Land at Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to the epic role playing fantasy game Dungeons & Dragons! Apparently, the studio is already far along in the development process. According to the report, they will be using a script written by David Leslie Johnson. More… Related articles A New ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Movie On The Way… Warner…

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